Marijuana is actually a superfood. Did you know that? While it’s technically a veggie, it’s not viewed like that. That’s because most users are familiar with the consumption of this. Cannabis does contain protein, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It may seem like a turn-off to chew this, but it can actually be good for those who are fine with adding it to salads and other plates too. 

The benefits 

The cool thing about this is that you’re actually still getting some of these phytochemicals, but you’re not getting them in the same way you would with a decarbed piece of cannabis, as in the case of smoking, vaping, or cooking. It actually can naturally stimulate your endocannabinoid system without needing to get high or inhale anything. The cool thing about this is that you can get other types of compounds from this. For example, THCA, which isn’t actually going to be a hallucinogen, is actually possible in raw cannabis. 

CBDA is another one, and this isn’t psychoactive, and actually woke to boost the endocannabinoid productions, and also elevate you rood too, more than regular CBD does. Not just that though, there are also terpenes that are actually in cannabis. Because they’re volatile and do degrade when the temperatures are higher, when you smoke it, the results aren’t as effective. But, through the raw consumption of this, it can actually be super effective in most cases, and there are tons of great ways to do this too. 

What’s Considered Raw Cannabis 

Raw cannabis is basically where the leaves and the buds are fresh and not messed with. They usually have a similar biochemistry to other plants and it’s actually different from the type of marijuana that you smoke or cook with. Even letting the dried cannabis to sit for a bit too long does cause terpene and cannabinoid degradation, and you’ll be able to get less benefits from this. Raw cannabis needs to be cooked, smoked or aped, steamed or dried as well. 

Does it Get you high? 

That depends on how you’re consuming this? If you decide to munch on a marijuana leaf, then no, you won’t’ get high off that alone. There are some downsides too. Chowing down on this does cause you to be exposed to E coli and salmonella, which have been found in cannabis of all kinds. While chemical pesticides usually keep this away, that’s another problem. Pesticides are not good, since they can actually affect the taste of this too. 

To make sure that you’re consuming the right raw cannabis that won’t affect this, you want to consume stuff that hasn’t been treated, and make sure that it hasn’t been grown with manure or other products too. If you decide to consume this, you can actually consume it in a variety of different ways. 

Howe to consume 

The most popular way is a cannabis smoothie. You can add flowers and leaves to this, and with fruits and even berries and other veggies, this is a good way to help make it taste good, while also offering amazing veggies too. Juicing is another one. This is pretty much cannabis juice, and while it may not be the most palatable, it does contain terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, while taking out the fiber that’s there too. 

Finally, you can add this to salads. People love to sprinkle this on their salads, and it adds a lot of great value to this. If you’re someone who doesn’t lie the idea of raw cannabis, consider hemp seeds with the cannabis kept intact to try!