(Last updated 5/15/03)

Final Construction Completed

    Finally, Tuva North roll off roof observatory construction began in March of 2003.  Because of the size of the 12.5" OTA, it required a minimum 8x8 square building.  Details below. For details on the concrete base and LeSeuer Astropier, go HERE. Note that there are many images and it could take a while to load with a slow connection.

    We previously laid 1 1/2" conduit from my house to my pier for fiber optic cable and electrical cable. Next we set six posts for the outer walls and outriggers.

First, 6 poles were set in concrete.

Next, the sub-flooring was installed. Sub-floor (2x8 treated).

Framing around pier.  Note pier is isolated from sub-floor.

Gravel placed under sub-floor to reduce moisture and humidity.

Flooring in place.

Isolated pier with conduit, one for power, one for Ethernet, one for optional
cables to control scope and camera from computer hutch in corner.

Foil-backed wall board and the walls starting to go up.

Inside wall view with top of pier. Note AP mounting plate on pier and conduit for power and data.
The wall top plate is six feet from the floor, and height was determined by how low in the sky
the scope will ever be pointed.

Stringers going up. Top plate will be attached to rail on other side of wall.

View from outside wall side showing top rail overhanging wall to be attached to rail.

Roof going up.

Roof stringers. View from North side.

View looking NW.

View of flat iron, track hinge and 2x4 spacer to be used to hang on top plate.

View of rail without track.

Close-up of hinge, track, and roller mounted on top plate.

View of track, rollers, hinge mounted on top plate.

Another view of track, rollers and hinges.

Locking clasp placed in four corners of building to add wind protection.

Siding going up.

Another view of west side and metal roofing.

Another view, showing outriggers.

Another view of outriggers before extra bracing.

View through the front door looking south.

View of northern wall.

View of conduits for ethernet and electrical.

View to the Southwest showing pier, and panel. Note orange cable is
fiber optic cable and media converter strapped to white cover box. Also note reinforced
steel plate for extra security on door.

View to the Northeast.  Note roof rolls off far enough for clear view of Polaris for polar alignment purposes.

View to North.

View of roof to the NorthWest.

View to the North with roof closed.

View to Northwest with roof closed.

View Northeast.