Observatory Description and Methodology

TUVA South  Observatory located on the north slope of Mt. Feynman about 5 miles northwest of Checotah, Oklahoma at latitude 35o 30' 53" longitude 95 o 35' 33" and an elevation of 650' or 198.2 meters.  It is the home of Bart a 24" custom built scope.  It is also home to the original observatory, that has a concrete pier inside a building with a roll off roof that can house scopes for astrophotography.


TUVA North is located just west of Muskogee, Oklahoma at N.35.46 W.95.26 at about 722' above sea level (and a long way from the sea).  There is heavy light pollution to the east toward Muskogee, Oklahoma, and now Tulsa, about 20 miles away is starting to light up the horizon to the northwest as well.  Fortunately, it's not too bad over about 70 percent of the sky.

The site is semi permanent, in that a 24" by 42" deep hole for the concrete base was dug to mount a LeSueur astro pier.  The pier is a 8" diameter steel, with a LeSueur proprietary equatorial mount.  The last 20" of the hole was solid rock and the base is very stable.  You can see how the pier was constructed by clicking here.

A Dell Desktop running Windows XP is connected to the scope, filter wheel, and focuser, and contains the software to run the camera and control the scope, focuser, and filter bar. The laptop is connected to a desktop pc in my home using a fiber optic cable and transceivers/receivers to allow the cable to share the power cables in the underground pvc conduit to the 8x8 foot roll-off roof observatory, running Remote Desktop.

Click on image for construction details