Stretching In Cannabis Seedlings 

When you have a cannabis plant, it’s pretty easy to take care of, however sometimes you see stretching in the seedlings, and that is cause for alarm. Here, we’ll go over what causes this, and a bit about what you can do to prevent this type of process. 

The Cause of this 

The cause of this is usually stress, which means that they’re deprived of something, and they’re attempting to grow simply so that they can get the nutrients. Usually, that deprivation is of light. Similar to how the roots will start to stretch for nutrients and water, if a plant isn’t getting enough light, it will stretch. It’s a way to survive that actually causes it to use that energy for stretching instead of creating flora instead. 

In instances of indoor gardening, you don’t need to worry about competition for light, but for plants that are indoors and are stretching, it’s not what they truly understand. They may try to stretch for light and topple over if you leave it in the shade, and this can also happen with artificial light. This may seem strange for newer growers, but you need to give them enough light. 

Usually, a 200 MH bulb is pretty good, but if it’s too far from the pot, it will cause it to not grow, even if it is an MH vs. a CFL bulb, where the CFl is a lot weaker. Seedlings also have leaves that are small and few, and the surface area to get that light is small, so while you have that 200 MH bulb illuminating everything, the seedling is only getting a little bit of it. In contrast, fi the grow light is right over it, it’ll get more light, and be able to grow. 

Other Causes 

Besides not enough light, there are other ways that a seedling might be communicating to you that hey, it’s not getting something so it’ll stretch itself. The biggest one, is nitrogen. Nitrate nitrogen is easier for them to absorb, and it creates a more bushier, fuller and shorter growth. If you notice that they’re still stretching even when the light conditions are fixed, you should check for the ammoniacal type of content that’s in there. 

Another reason that it may do this, is because the conditions are not ideal. If it’s too hot, it actually causes the growth to slow. The same as well does go for when it’s too cold. You should definitely keep an eye on the growing conditions and increase or decrease the temperature when you need it. Finally, a seedling may stretch because it’s not getting enough light during the day. 

You should minimally go for 16 hours a day of light. Remember that the seedlings are a bit fragile, so you should make sure that you’re taking care f them carefully. Try to make sure that you do give them enough darkness too. That’s because this time is just as necessary as the light time to grow since this is oftentimes where a lot of the magic does happen. 

If your plants are already growing a lot, and the stretch is too late, you might want to transplant them. The stems, however, are a lot more fragile until they’re properly vegged, and another thing is the foliage might not be upright due to this. Try to change the other factors first before you decide to transplant, but as always, be careful with this if you do decide to do it, since it can oftentimes create other troubles down the line as well for you. 

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