Vaping Vs. Smoking 

Vaping is something that some people have started to think about doing a bit more. You may wonder why it’s healthier than smoking, and why you should consider it. Here, we’ll go over why a vaporizer may be the thing you’re looking for in your cannabis consumption. 

It is Healthier 

While vaping may not be 100% totally safe, it’s safer than smoking, that’s for sure. That’s because most of the substances that are harmful which you get from smoking do get created through combustion, no matter if you do burn through tobacco or weed. Vaping doesn’t combust weed, so you’re getting less toxins and free radicals. There are also less carcinogens in this too. It does actually help to reduce the obvious threats, but some people are still studying this because of the potential health effects which may happen in the long term. Some did find that vaping also may cause respiratory problems, but far less than smoking it. 

It’s More Efficient and bioavailable

The thing is, with different cannabis compounds, they’re actually quite sensitive. By putting in cannabinoids, terpenes, and whatnot, into the body in order to smoke it, more than half of those actually get burned off before you get a puff of the joint. About 20% or more are actually burned off from smoking alone. Since the temps in vaping are actually a lot lower and more specific, you can actually customize it to the total potential, and it’s much more pure, and much more potent, so you’re not wasting the bud either. 

You Get more Flavors 

The thing is, you get a lot more compounds in most cases, and vaping actually helps with proper optimization of the terpenes that are in the strain too. They also do have specific boiling points which are actually released at lower temperatures as vapor in some cases, offering more and more enjoyment, and a whole lot more fun too! Beta-caryophyllene which is a terpene that’s spicy and peppery, actually gets released at much lower temperatures, and it also isn’t much higher, and linalool is another. You can change the temperature to enjoy so much more. 

More Customization 

The thing is you can actually change the temperatures with vaping a lot more. Some people like to have a lower effect, so they’ll keep the temperature lower. Those who want something more potent they go higher. It’s recommended that you don’t get near combustion though, since the flavor and potency goes away, but the custom factors with this are worth it for some people. 

They Actually make temperature Matter 

Finally, it actually can change how your vaping experience goes in some cases. In one study, they looked at different temperatures and the different cannabinoids and byproduct ratios that were there. It was found that even when at higher levels, the vapor had a lot less toxins than smoke, and there were more cannabinoids as well. 

The vape high is also a lot more functional, and usually is less impairing cognitively. You also get a more uplifting sort of high too, and it tends to be healthier and more energetic too. Plus, you don’t have to go all the way to the top, but you can smoke it at lower temperature, which is good for those who are newer. 

Usually, if you’re looking for a good high that won’t make you inhale too many chemicals which are harmful, a vape high is good, and there is a reason why some people are vaping more to get the high that they want, versus out of a pipe or a joint high too. 

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