Why is My Cannabis Moldy? How to avoid this 

Cannabis mold is something that all growers try to avoid. You may wonder what you can do however to prevent this. Here, you’ll find out what causes this, and what you as a grower can do to prevent this. 

What Causes this Mold? 

This is usually caused by the rotting of a bud and is usually due to a fungi that also grows on strawberries, grapes, and other fruits and veggies. It’s called botrytis, and this is a type of bacteria that is known for living in climates that are humid, attacking the cells of both fruits and plants while also feeding on the matter that’s dead. It does develop on the leaves and stems of cannabis, and the flowers that are harvested the do grow outwards may also have this, so it’s hard to totally spot. Usually, by the time you notice this, it’s practically destroyed the entire plant, making it slimy and smelly too. 

How to Prevent This 

A good thing to do is to make sure that you harvest the buds at the right time, and make sure to have the right temperature and humidity, along with the correct air circulation. After harvesting, you need to follow the same kinds of principles as well to avoid losing the bud too. First, you need to dry the bud too. This usually is due to the high amounts of water that the bud has when they get harvested. Before you light these up, make sur they dry to about 15% water, or a little bit less. 

Drying them such as hanging them upside down with clothespins is a good way to do it, but you should make sure to do this. You should however make sure that this is one in a place that’s dry and dark, and there is a chance for the air to circulate well too. 

Growers usually dry the buds in a small closet or cupboard, and if you’re a bit short on a space for this, you can do this in a box, but just make sure that there is enough air to circulate this as needed. Ideally, you want mild temperature as well. You’ll want to keep this near the higher spectrum during the initial first couple of days to dry this a bit faster, before drawing your temperature back down as you go along, keeping it down to 60% humidity, and you want to keep it at a 

You’ll know the buds are cured already once the seams easily snap, and this can take up to a couple of weeks, but it will vary depending on the humidity level and temperatures. You should see the changes in a couple of weeks. If it is hot where you’re working, try to keep these in a room that’s air-conditioned, since air conditioning is a great way to drive the humidity down when you live in an area that’s humid. 

Finally, try to make sure that there are fans to circulate the buds, and make sure to drive them in order to prevent more mold from growing. Finally, you should make sure to cut the buds and then let them cure in a jar that’s airtight for at least a couple weeks, a bit more if you do have the patience. 

This is actually a good way to make sure that you’re getting the right type of cannabis. However, make sure that all of the water is gone since if you don’t, there is a chance that the mold will grow. But if you keep things clean and sterile it’ll be fine.  

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