Why your Plant Soil Needs Microbes 

When you’re growing a plant, even cannabis, you’re going to want microbes. You may wonder why this matters or even what it means for your cannabis plant. Well, here we’ll go over the vital importance of microbes when you’re looking to grow cannabis, and the benefits of this too. 

The Symbiosis 

While plants don’t have brains like we do, they have mechanisms that actually can change the environment that’s there. Soil is seen as basically the source of the nutrients that plants have but it’s more than that. The microbes within this actually really help benefit the plants through the variety of different complex process. They do work together and interact in order to improve the chances of survival for each other. When a microbe helps the plants, it can actually change the hormones, get rid of any sorts of pathogens or other microbes which harm this, and also improves nutrient bioavailability. 

Improves Nutrient uptake 

Another big thing is nutrient uptake. Plants need three major nutrients: potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, with all three of them being necessary for proper plant growth. Since microbes are of great assistance to plants to help with freeing up nutrients within the soil, this does make them simpler to absorb in most cases. 

Usually, they metabolize the nutrients that are locked up, and usually, offers a way for plants to utilize them better. Microbes that are within the soil, including fungi and bacteria, actually break these down, and then release and benefit, and it actually can benefit both parties massively if there are microbes within the soil. 

The bond is made by having plants get the access to the nutrients, and the microbes also get something too. The plant actually releases exudates, which are substances within the soil and include amino acids, sugars, and other kinds of acids which are organic, which helps the microbes grow and provide a nutrition too. This also is what contributes to the root microbiome, and it can be used to attract different microbes, but some of these also have different defense mechanisms too to offer in exchange for these plant exudates. 


The most interesting of these microbiome symbiotic relationships are probably the fungi and plant ones, which is actually quite common in cannabis. This is primarily due to what’s called mycorrhizal fungi, which are basically fungi that do bind to the roots of the plant. The underground parts of the fungi which are roots, are called mycelium, and this works to extend directly to the roots of the plants, letting them absorb the nutrients in an area that’s larger than it’s able to cover with the roots alone, and it works on its own. 

It survives off that exudate that’s sugary that they give off, and they basically offer a ton of moisture and nutrients that are in the soil and gathered near the mycelium to give to the plant. You’ve got two types, those fungi that are outside of the roots, creating a sheath, and the fungi that actually do live inside of the cannabis plant. Tons of cannabis growers can benefit from this, since it does work to boost the uptake, and improves the effectiveness. 

That’s not all though, there are some bacteria that can be introduced, even nematodes that can be put into the area that actually benefit the cannabis plant by improving the nutrient uptake. This is something outdoor cannabis grower scan consider and there are a lot of benefits which can be obtained through this as well, and there are tons of ways growers can use this too. 

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